State of Mind

The company was founded in 2008. Ecolicious® is name that combines the word "Ecology" with word the "Delicious". The original mission was to reduce the use of plastic bags. The solution was to make beautiful canvas tote bags that people would love to use. Living in Hawaii inspires the husband and wife founders, Dexter Doi and Carol D'Angelo.

Carol D’Angelo was an instructor in the Fashion Department at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She was also the curator of the Historic Costume Collection within the department. She is a well established fine artist and has exhibited extensively and has artwork in the State Foundation Collection.

Dexter Doi has had a long and successful career as a commercial artist. He has worked for numerous corporate clients and has won several awards for his fine art. He is also represented in the State Foundation Collection and Honolulu Museum of Arts. He has also exhibited extensively with his wife Carol.

The combined backgrounds of academic, commercial and fine arts, gives Ecolicious® an unique advantage in the creation of products for this company. Starting with the original classic canvas totes, Ecolicious® added an organic group, rope handle bags and the newest line using recycled fabrics. Ecolicious® purchases used clothing and uses the fabric to make a variety of bags. Recycling gives a second life to these fabrics.

The next step for the artist team was a women's tee line, which includes another phase of the Ecolicious® development. The adoption of the Ecolicious® mascot, the Hawaiian owl called the "Pueo". The Pueo has appeared on both the tees and bags. Ecolicious® feels the mascot is the watcher that tries to steward our lands. What followed was printed scarves, scarf dresses and the newest line: "Flying Koi by Doi", the men's tee line.

To showcase the artist's works of art, Doi & D'Angelo Artworks was formed. The original oil on canvas paintings by Carol D'Angelo and Dexter Doi are reproduced as giclee art cards and small giclee prints, that can be purchased here. As the act of being an artist is a growing and evolving process, so too is this company. You are welcome to return to our store to see new and exciting products that the team is working on!